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November 22, 2005
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.CHRISTMAS. by Titanix-Avalon .CHRISTMAS. by Titanix-Avalon
Sweet Jesus, a DD? Thank you so much!

This character design is two years old, though. If you would like to see his new design and be updated on the comic he's in, watch my main account: =temporary-glitch.

Thank you so, so much, and Merry Christmas to everyone!


Name: Peppermint
Nicknames: Santa, Nicholas
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red and white
Height: 5'5"
Companions: Licorice, Truffles, Egg Nogg, Punch, Cider, Candy-Ribbon, Cocoa, Tea, Caramel, Ginger, Cinnamon, Popcorn, Chestnut, Cranberry
Occupation: Defender of Christmas and neighboring holidays; annual gift-giver

Appearance: Is usually wearing bright, festive colors. His skin is very pale and his cheeks and nose, ears on occasion, are always bright and rosy. He always has his candy cane with him, which he carved himself from a branch of the Ornamin tree. On the very end is a green gemstone his father, the real Santa Claus, gave him to enable teleporation between Earth and Christmas Land. The object that holds the real power, however, is embedded deeply within that stone; a golden star. Somewhere on the giant candy cane is a switch that removes almost all of the top part of the candy cane, save for about two feet from the green gem up, revealing a red and white striped sword.

Personality and Accomplishments: He is very happy and charitable, always thinking of others before himself. This attribute makes way for an uncommon selflessness that usually gets Peppermint in trouble. He is very innocent and bright, and is usually managing the toy factory for his father, helping his fellow elves come up with ideas for new toys. He can't keep a grudge--either he confronts someone himself and tries to compromise with them, or he writes them a nice letter, and waits for a reply. Peppermint is currently learning how to be a true Defender of Holiday, but he isn't doing very well, unlike his schoolmates...he seems as though he's far too innocent to fight. He loves Christmas and snow, and can't get enough of that ice-cream stuff. He hates hot and spicy things.

Along with his learning, he often aids his father in delivering gifts to the children on Christmas day. The kids that do catch a glimpse of him mistake his pale white chest as a long beard, and his puffy pants as a big belly. How they got all that red in the mix, he just can't seem to figure out. ;3


*Pant koff.*

I caught myself a lovely cold in the making of this image...and maybe now my cold will go away, and I can work on commissions and art trade halves and everything else I piled up on myself!

Anyway, this is what my icon and journal header were made from...the new-and-improved design of the little Christmas angel, Peppermint. More designs are soon to come, like Licorice and Punch and the gang! Also, I'll make a comparison picture tomorrow. Once I sleep. *Goes and dies.*

Sketched with a col-erase red pencil on sketchbook paper. Then scanned and inked in Photoshop CS2, and colored in openCanvas 3.03E Plus!. Circles and border were also added in Photoshop CS2.

Peppermint and image(c) me. Please do not copy, steal, or redistribute.
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.CHRISTMAS. by ~Titanix-Avalon is a nice spin on a traditional character.
May this day be blessed for you and yours!!! ( Featured by PurpelBlur )
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